Why I Live in Louisville, Colorado Now

I have lived in Louisville since 1996 and before that I lived in Boulder for nineteen years.

Here are the reason why and how I came to live in Louisville:

1. Much better value for buying a house in Louisville compared to Boulder when I bought my home and that still applies today.  Decent sized homes in Louisville, Colorado start in the $500,000 to $600,000 range.  Whereas Boulder you have to start in the high $800s at a minimum and most likely end up around $1,000,000 plus or minus.

2. Less traffic in Louisville. Small city and very easy to get around.  Anywhere I have to take my daughters for their activities it’s a ten minute drive.  This is great.

3. Small community, population of 19,000.  Being here as long as I have I know so many people. Very cool.

4. Excellent public schools.  My two daughters go to Monarch K8.

5. Quaint downtown area. Great public library with an awesome Children’s section.  In the summer we make it to Sweet Cow at least once a week, best place for ice cream. Lots of great activities in downtown during summer–Farmers Market and the Street Faire with live music on Friday evenings.

6. Louisville is not Boulder yet we’re just 10 minutes away so we can enjoy a lot of what Boulder has to offer—Chautauqua, Pearl Street Mall, Sanitas Trail and lots of nice restaurants.

7. Only a 30 minute drive to Denver (when there’s no traffic.)

8. Real estate values have continually increased since I bought my first house in 1996.  A safe place to invest as a homeowner.

One caveat is the biggest issue with buying a home in Louisville is the inventory is extremely limited because once people move here they don’t move.  I’m serious.  🙂  I believe this will be relieved a little bit in 2017 when we shall see more new home construction east of Louisville in Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield and Westminster.

Arboretum in Louisville

Arboretum in Louisville




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