Congratulations on your move to Colorado. As a Realtor I have helped many clients over the years find their new home here in beautiful Colorado.

Blue Sky Boulder, Colorado

Blue Sky Boulder, Colorado

Look at that blue sky. This is one of the big reasons why people move out here.

Here are some Relocation Tips from my perspective as a Realtor based on my experience.

1. Start with the big picture first and then work your way down. Don’t get hung up on specific houses until you know which area is ideal for you. Evaluate cities and neighborhoods first.

2. If you have children then you need to get familiar with the public schools.  Start at the district level with your research and then look at specific schools.  I have links for all of the schools in Boulder, Louisville and Lafayette.  I advise you to visit the schools when you’re here for a house hunting trip or if you’re here already.

3. Renting first and then buying is a good option. I have helped a lot of clients who have done this–great way for you to familiarize yourself with the areas firsthand and not feel rushed.

4. Be prepared for low inventory in this area–Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Houses are selling fast, multiple offers and Buyers paying over list price. It’s a Sellers market now.

These are just some quick tips. Once we start working together I will give you more information on the cities in the area–pro’s and con’s of each.

How can I help you?  I believe in the following as a Realtor:

Care–I care about my clients, this is one of my core values–I am here to help other people and being a Realtor gives the ability to help people buy or sell their home.

Honesty–I am very honest in all aspects of the real estate process.  I believe in this so much I wrote a book titled:  “The Honest Real Estate Agent” and it is a top seller on Amazon.  Thousands of new Realtors have bought this book since it was initially published in 2011.

Expertise–I am a highly skilled Realtor in the Boulder area.  I have many years of experience but the bottom is I am very good at what I do and my clients benefit from my expertise.

Patience–one of my traits as a person.  I am very patient.  I let my clients make a decision based on their pace, needs and desires.  I never, every push my clients into making a rash decision.

Fun–My Clients and I have fun during the process.  Life is too short and I do what I can to lighten up the proceedings so can have a little fun.

Check out my testimonials to see why my customers like working with me.

Mario Jannatpour

Mario Jannatpour




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