Moving To Colorado?

How do you find and buy your “Dream Home” in Colorado?

If you are moving here it can be a challenge to find your dream home.  Where do you look?  How do you know which area is going to be the right area?  How do you know if you’re going to like it?  How you do you find the city?  The right neighborhood?  The right school district?  The perfect commute distance for a new job.

These issues are very important and you need to get the right help to overcome obstacles along the way.  What obstacles?  Making sure your dream home is in a good location.  Being aware of the local issues in Colorado is very important—-Fracking, Expansive Soils, Nuclear Sites, Marijuana Grow Houses, Meth Houses, Active Landfills, Over-Aggressive and Irresponsible New Home Construction Sites, Forest Fires, Radon Gas and many more.

What else can prevent you from finding your new dream home?  Incompetent and “dishonest” real estate agents.  This is not an issue openly discussed but it is a serious issue you need to be aware of when you are moving to a new area.  There are many steps you need go through in a successful real estate transaction—-finding your dream home, writing a professional and clean contract (offer), negotiating the terms of the contract, negotiating the inspection process, managing the appraisal process and other related contract issues necessary to make it to a successful closing.

In order to insure your success of finding your dream home you need to hire a Professional and Competent Realtor who will provide you with the service you need in order to fulfill your dream.



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