Why I Moved to Boulder, Colorado

I remember growing up we visited Boulder a few times during the summer. My family did not have much money growing up so we did the long road trip from Northern Virginia all the way to Boulder, Colorado. Wow, those were long trips. We were squeezed in pretty tight for our first trip but the second trip we had a nice station wagon.

My family fell in love with Boulder the second time we visited. I was fifteen years old. I just remember how beautiful the mountains looked, the bright blue sky, the fresh air and the lack of humidity. The night times were the best because it really cooled off.

We took a day trip up to Lake Brainard and it was the best day of our trip. The Indian Peaks Mountains were spectacular. Even today one of my favorite spots to visit is Lake Brainard and just above Brainard is a great hike up to Lake Isabelle, a pristine mountain lake above 12,000 feet.

After our family went back to Virginia from our vacation one thing led to another and within a few months we decided to move here to Boulder, Colorado. I have lived in this area all my life since. If you are considering a move here then I envy you because the first few years living here are the best because everything is new and fresh.

Bear Mountain in South Boulder
South Boulder–this is where we lived.




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Home Buying Tips for the Hot Market in Colorado


Here are a few valuable tips to help you as a Buyer in the hot (Sellers) market in my area of Colorado—Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Erie, Lafayette, Broomfield, Longmont, and Westminster.

How can you set your Offer apart from the competition?  You will be competing with 5 to 10 other Buyers most times when you find a house you like.


1. You have to be pre-approved with a local lender.   Now, I can’t stress this point enough.  Unfortunately any Offers pre-approved with an out-of-state lender or a national lender most times will not even be considered.  There are many problems and issues which come up when working with a lender that is not local to our area.

2. Schedule your home inspection as soon as you can after the contract date. Set the Inspection Objection and Resolution Deadline right after the inspection. Get it done right away.

3. Increase the amount of your Earnest Money towards the purchase.

4. Write a personal (genuine) letter to the Seller–why you love the house and how it’s a great fit for you.

5. Don’t do escalation clauses–your Realtor should be able to find out what is the right price you need to Offer to win the deal.

6. If you offer more than list price then be prepared to bring extra cash to the Closing if the Appraisal comes in lower than the contract price.

7. Be flexible on closing date per Sellers needs.

One item I never feel comfortable with is waiving your right as a Buyer for the Inspection clause. I advise all of my Buyers Clients to always have an inspection on the property they are buying.

I also would not advise designating the Earnest Money as non-refundable. My Buyers should always have the right to get their earnest money back per the Contract.

If you don’t have a Realtor helping you in your home search then fill out the contact form below and we can schedule a time to meet or talk on the phone.



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Water World (Outdoor Family Water Park)

Water World

Water World


Today I took my daughters to Water World for the first time–they are 13 and 10.  My youngest is now taller than 48″ so she can do all the rides.  It was a full day of fun in the water.

They have a wave pool (see video below) and many water rides–easy ones, regular ones and very challenging rides.  They have one slide which almost goes straight down and it’s very high.  My oldest daughter did it and I couldn’t believe it.  I did not attempt it–chickened out.

Water World is located in North Denver at 88th and Pecos.  A twenty minute drive from Boulder when there is no traffic.





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Why I Love Living in Colorado


Hire Mario Jannatpour to be your Realtor!

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Top 5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make



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